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About Us

Welcome to Trendy Baby Mocc Shop!  My name is Charlene Aguilar, founder of Trendy Baby Mocc Shop, Inc.  I have always enjoyed creating things for others to enjoy and have always wanted to explore the world of entrepreneurship.  What started as a small hobby to make some extra income as a school teacher turned into a small business in 2015, with a retail shop, and my primary income.  Trendy Baby Mocc Shop, Inc. is located in Caldwell, Idaho and provides financial support to not only myself but also others who use their talents to help this business grow.

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I pride myself in providing a unique style in addition to creating a high-quality soft-sole moccasins for newborns, crawlers, and toddlers.  Each shoe is hand-cut and sewn in my shop using the best materials and multiple layers to ensure stability and durability.  These moccasins are perfect for new walkers, as the softer sole allows them to grip their toes to the floor and maintain better balance rather than clunky, heavy shoes.  Every day I am improving my product and collaborating with customers to fit their needs.  I consider it one of my greatest blessings to make my living by continuing to create beautiful things for others to enjoy!

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